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Weight Loss

ORION/Tibetan Gold Needle Weight Loss Program

Dr. Yakovleva’s weight loss program is a unique combination of modern Micro-Current weight loss therapy and an ancient Tibetan technique of Gold Needle. The weight loss program is available either alone or in combination with detox treatment.

1.Weight loss through Micro-Current therapy and Tibetan acupuncture
The ORION Gold Needle Tibetan weight loss program will decrease the size of your stomach without surgery. This specialized combination of treatments decreases your appetite so that you’re able to reduce your calorie intake. In addition, it promotes the breakdown of fat cells, clears the body of toxins, and cleans the lymphatic system by using microcurrent therapy.

2.Weight loss for difficult cases – Micro-Current therapy, Tibetan acupuncture and detox treatment.
In addition to the benefits of the regular ORION/Tibetan Gold Needle weight loss program, this detox treatment course:

  • removes harmful toxins from the body
  • helps remove excess waste in the stomach and colon
  • helps reduce blood pressure and cholesterol levels
  • regulates metabolism
  • suppresses hunger
  • boosts energy

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